An Introduction to Cloth Diapering - udemy course

An introduction to the world of cloth diapering. This work will cover the benefits, care, and types of Cloth Diapers.

This introductory work on cloth diapers is designed for parents, families, and all types of kid care providers who need to learn about the modern world of cloth diapers.

This work will cover:
~The benefits of using cloth diapers (Cloth diapers can save you thousands a year!)
~The details on how to store and wash dirty diapers. (Lets talk poop)
~The different types of cloth diapers students will in encounter when shopping for cloth.

This work is designed with a balance of videos and text material that will help students become confident with using cloth diapers. The information introduced in this work will aid students in purchasing cloth diapers as well as how to keep them neat while using them on little children. For all those who have an interest in cloth diapers, this is the work for you! You do not need any prior knowledge on cloth diapers to enjoy this work and to effectively learn about this process of diapering your kid.

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