Bible 2 - Galatians - Sentence Block Diagram Technique - online course

Bible 2 - Galatians - Sentence Block Diagram Technique

Bible Outline to the Book of Galatians - Use sentence block diagram technique to find main themes, sub themes, kewords

How would you like to read the Bible with fresh insights?

Lots of people find the Book of Galatians difficult to read. They get lost in the lots of ideas that are conveyed in the epistle.

There's lots of gems and spiritual riches in this short book of 6 chapters.

The query is: How are you able to draw out these riches at reading?

Here's the Secret: I am going to show you my Sentence BLOCK Diagram technique that will help you interact with the lots of difficult ideas in the Book of Galatians. I will lay out the steps for you so that you can see how I change the traditional "sentence diagram" to a much simplified method to understand the main theme and sub themes of the lots of difficult text in this Epistle.

You will notice how the text of the Book of Galatians flow out in its structure, a lot that you can create lesson outlines basically for Bible studies, sermons, and Sunday School.

Enjoy discovering the great richness and deep insight in the Word of God.

Enroll in to this coursework and let's have some fun together,


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