Cultural Issues Encountered by International Travelers - udemy course free

Cultural Issues Encountered by International Travelers - udemy course
Increase your understanding about common cultural differences you might experience in the work of your international travels!

You know that people in India dress differently and use more languages than people in Canada, but are appearance and speech the only differences between cultures? Before immersing yourself in a brand spanking new surroundings, it is best to do research beforehand about what you might encounter so that you can feel more comfortable in your new surroundings, blend in with the local crowd, and avoid embarrassing social situations through innocent offenses. What considerations ought to you give to your behavior or mannerisms? Your clothing? Your speech?

This work will walk you through topics related to cultural issues that you ought to research and reflect on before departure, including local customs (e.g. etiquette, tipping, bargaining) and local laws (e.g. alcohol consumption, decency).

In addition, this work will address and provide coping methods for the feelings of "culture shock" that lots of travelers experience when going abroad for the first time. Finally, the work will wrap up by addressing ways to deal with "reverse culture shock," the frustration lots of travelers feel when returning home from an brilliant international experience.

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