Female Location Portrait with Off-Camera Flash for Beginners - udemy coupon

Female Location Portrait with Off-Camera Flash for Beginners - udemy coupon Code
You will learn how to position strobe, manage subject using artificial light in every available light condition

This is a coursework about outside off camera flash light on location using strobist tecnique. Beginning from presenting the gear, camera, trigger, flash and lenses, to properly connect by hotshoe mount and setup them. On a actual set in outdoor place I will show how to position light stand, set correct aperture, iso and shutter value. Subject of my picture will be a not professional female model, so I'll teach how to manage her choosing right position against backlight of the sun. Use flare and sunray as a creative prop in the scene by underexpose sunlight and correct exposure on the model. Is a crash coursse for beginner, in a single session you could be prepared to start shooting by yourself. Onelight method permit you to have fun immediately at firs try because you pay attention only to single illumination element. Plenty of photographer like to receive a great drama picture straight out of camera before post produce the picture, this coursework is about improve sharpness contrast and make dramatic scene in every condition of natural or available light, expecially on location but you could manage this tecnique also at your home, in a sunny or cloudy day, without changer the strobe you see in this video make a great strong shadows. This coursework is open for beginner and intermediate photographer, it helps amateurs and professional photographers who wishes to receive speedy nice portrait of friends, spouse, children and then apply the light method also on still life images.

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