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The 7 steps to make you feel comfortable & prepared for the most difficult conversations you require to have in your life

Why ought to you do this work?

How would your relationships evolve in case you had the gift of feeling relaxed & comfortable when having difficult conversations with other people & making them feel respected & appreciated? Psychology & years of study in Communication have proven that this skill can be learnt!

How would your life change in case you had this skill? What conversations would you start with? With who? This is a chance to change every area of your life: personal relationships, relatives, friends, colleagues, & anyone you interact with each day!

How does this work work?

This work will give you the chance to learn a simple 7 steps method that you can use for any difficult conversation, it will also give you chances to practice & give you actual life examples.

Through this training, you will be preparing for a difficult discussion you require to have, & you will have the chance to put the ideas in to practice in your own life.

All you require to do then is share your learnings & successes, & prepare for the next!

What are the 7 steps?

  1. Preparing your issue statement
  2. Getting in to the right state
  3. Presenting your issue statement
  4. Asking your critical query
  5. Listening to the other person
  6. Agreeing on next steps
  7. Closing the discussion

As you can see, this training is not covering WHAT you require to say, it also covers the HOW: it will help you understand the way you can get in to the right State in order to deliver the conversations successfully.

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