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How To Create Professional Kindle & Ebooks Covers With Canva - udemy
People buy books by covers. Discover how to make your Kindle ebook cover stand out on Amazon, Google Play & IbookStore.

In the last years I launched several books and ebooks. I use to pay a professional graphic designer to generate the cover since I do know the cover and the title usually make 70% of the factors that influence the sales.

Perhaps it doesn't sound nice, but people use to judge - and buy - books and ebooks by the cover. When they check the books on Amazon, on Ibook Store or on Google Play they pick the books they buy by judging on three main items:

the cover of the ebook
the title
the reputation of the author
My name is Florin Rosoga, I launched several books and ebooks for myself (or my clients) in the last years.

of the most important elements that influence books sales are the covers you use. in the net world - where everything is visual - a catching cover will get more attention and usually boost sales.

Let's be honest: when someone buys a book, he doesn't know the content, he cannot know what is inside. They assume it is a nice and they need to have it.

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