How To Make Money Producing Music: Virtual Recording Studio - udemy free

The most comprehensive blueprint for making a living recording/writing music for clients in the modern age. Guaranteed!

Music producer? Home studio owner? Songwriter?

Would you like to make a great living doing what you love? Then listen up!

Fact! There's thousands of artists, songwriters, & brands in the world who require audio services such as songwriting, recording, & production. Yet... Most recording engineers, producers, & songwriters cannot make a sustainable career doing what they love.

Why? Most audio professionals are not adapting to the digital age "new music industry", they have no idea where to start when it comes to creating/managing their business, & they are at a complete stand-still when it comes to finding new clients. Recording schools & YouTube tutorials don't teach that stuff...

The Solution! I have created the most comprehensive coursework that will let you effectively start, run, & grow your own audio service company (Virtual Recording Studio). This is the exact blueprint for my personal music company which has allowed me to:

  1. Make over $100K/year & not "survive in music" but prosper!
  2. Acquire over 200 clients in twenty different countries (over 450 total projects)
  3. Hire my best friends full time to generate music with me
  4. Make music my business, & do what I love for a living
  5. Set my own hours, travel, & have freedom

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