How to Make an Online Portfolio Website from Scratch - udemy course

How to Make an Online Portfolio Website from Scratch - udemy
Learn how to make a portfolio website from scratch using WordPress. Showcase your photography, graphics, or other work.

Learn how to generate a pretty, portfolio website, in hour. This coursework is great for photographers, graphic designers, or somebody else who desires to showcase their work online, and acquire new clients.

We will generate an actual portfolio website using WordPress. You'll see how everything is done, step by step, from start to finish. No experience and no coding necessary.

The site will include the following features:

  1. picture posts
  2. photograph galleries
  3. about me page
  4. often asked questions page
  5. get in contact (contact me) page
  6. contact form
  7. responsive picture lightbox
  8. search bar
  9. section pages for images and posts
  10. tap call button on mobile
  11. tap e mail button on mobile

In addition, the net site is responsive, so it will look nice on any screen, tablet, or smartphone.

Never built a website before? Don not have computer science degree? No worries, we will start from absolute zero. You'll learn how to register a domain name, set up website hosting, and install WordPress (in other words, everything you require to get your site live on the net). This coursework is a great intro to WordPress, and since we'll build with WordPress, you won't require to know html, css, javascript, php, ruby you get the idea.

WordPress is ideal for building a portfolio website. You'll be able to get the site up and jogging quickly, adding content is a cinch, and you can maintain everything on the site by yourself. We'll be using Fukasawa WordPress theme, which is brilliantly pretty, simple to make use of, and best of all its free!

In the event you require to display your photography, graphics, designs, or any other work by yourself custom website, then this is the coursework for you. We have cut out the fluff, so that you can get your portfolio website online as quickly is feasible. Now go start!

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