SOLIDWORKS Course: Become a Certified Associate Today - udemy FREE coupon

Learn SolidWorks from Nothing to Certified Associate Level - udemy coupon
Learn the skill & knowledge to master SOLIDWORKS to the Associate Certification level beginning from ZERO experience

This is a streamlined work to take from knowing nothing about SOLIDWORKS to give you all the knowledge & skills needed to become a certified SOLIDWORKS associate. This work ought to enable you to, with confidence, use SOLIDWORKS to design your next innovation. After this work, you can proudly list your SOLIDWORKS skills in your resume.

THIS COURSE IS NOT A SHORTCUT TO GET THE CERTIFICATE. They are following a learn-by-doing approach for you to truly master all the skills needed for the certification check.

With this course, you will learn:

  1. How to navigate through SOLIDWOKRS interface.
  2. How sketch with different sketch commands.
  3. How to define sketches using relations or distances.
  4. How to use more than 12 different features to create 3D models.
  5. How to modify given parts to match design needs.
  6. How to explore different materials for your models.
  7. How to find your model's mass, volume and center of gravity.
  8. How to assembly different parts into an assembly file.
  9. How to generate drawings from parts and models.
  10. How to interpret different drawing signs.

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