Make an Easy Promo Video in 1 Hour: iMovie Spotlight - udemy free coupon

Make an Easy Promo Video in 1 Hour: iMovie Spotlight - udemy coupon
Create simple, effective promo videos for your books, courses, or projects even with limited time, money, or video skills

Are you prepared to generate a speedy & simple yet effective promotional video for your work, book, or project in under an hour?

This work is for those interested in making speedy & painless promo videos even in the event you have small time, money, or video skills.

This step-by-step, clear, & simple to follow work will show you how to make use of a small elderly humble iMovie trailer template to generate a speedy & dirty, yet emotional & persuasive promo video to spark interest & excitement in whatever it is you are selling.

We'll speak about how to best plan & write your video so it works hard for you while you are off doing other things, so it can effectively promote you, your work, & your brand.

I created this work while I myself was making a promotional video for my new "Give Your Web-site Wordpress Web-site a Makeover: Divi Theme Spotlight" work. You'll see the exact method I used to plan, generate, & launch my promo video as an actual case study.

This work is for complete beginners who have no special video or technical skills as well as for individuals who DO have video skills but find themselves pressed for time & would like a simple way to receive a first rate promo film up online in a pinch.

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