Making Sense of Who You Are in the World - udemy coupon

Making Sense of Who You Are in the World - udemy coupon
Learn how to work along with your emotions to create your self-awareness and choose your fate.

Making sense of who you are in the world involves a lovely level of self-awareness; knowing your values and how your strengths and weaknesses can support you or limit you in your life.

The way you manage yourself - your thoughts and your feelings - depends on the way you well you understand your emotions, how control them and how use them as you make you way through life..

It is of the ways that you use your emotional intelligence. The coursework covers the awareness part of the way you manage your inner world of being.

This coursework is a stand alone coursework for somebody interested in understanding themselves better and cdetermining their core purpose, vocation or fate in life. It forms part of a comprehensive coursework that explores emotional intelligence in more depth.

Emotions are not about being soft an fluffy, they are vital in help you to make hard, direct management decisions. Managing your emotions well can mean managing your life with more influence and impact.

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