Manufacturing Guide for Mechanical Product Development - Udemy Coupon $15

Manufacturing Guide for Mechanical Product Development
Learn how everyday physical products are manufactured with no prior experience in engineering.

Welcome to the coursework that will report Manufacturing from the fundamentals Manufacturing Guide for Product Development. Whether you are an engineer, product developer, emerging entrepreneur, or basically an Android or Java Developer who is intrigued by the world of manufacturing, this coursework will provide skills that will help you in plenty of aspects of your engineering or non-engineering career.

Gain Manufacturing Knowledge without Spending $60,000 in Colleges & Universities

  1. Complete overview of modern manufacturing methods
  2. Video links that demonstrate these manufacturing methods to understand them visually
  3. All complex industrial processes explained in the simplest manner; No unnecessary technical terms & jargons
  4. Connection between manufacturing & product development
  5. Understanding of how everyday products are made like bottles, grocery bags, smartphone case, pipes, metal containers etc.

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