Performance Under Pressure - The Right Attitude - udemy coupon

Performance Under Pressure - The Right Attitude - udemy coupon
Understand Pressure, Your Reactions to Pressure and Create the Winning Attitude for Performing under Pressure

The Performance Under Pressure - The Right Attitude coursework helps you recognize the events and situations that cause you to feel pressure. It explains the way you can understand your reaction to pressure, and how excessive stress can weaken your performance.

Finally, it covers the principles for managing your attitude so you stay in control and maintain a success-oriented mentality. Because, meeting high-pressure challenges is a chance for you to excel and build your reputation as someone who can be counted on.

Professionals and all who need to create their abilities to manage the stress that comes with working under pressure and someone who desires to create or refine their skills for performing under pressure.

After finishing this topic, you ought to be able to:

  1. identify factors in a situation likely to trigger pressure,
  2. recognize how your response to pressure can weaken your performance,
  3. conduct a stress profile, and
  4. manage your attitude in pressurized situations.

This is a first part of a series of courses on Performance Under Pressure. Next courses will focus on taking action under pressure and achieving relational performance.

The coursework includes video lectures, quizzes, examples and exercises as well as a small optional coursework project. All ought to take you not over two hours to finish.

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