Personal Decisions for Happiness - udemy coupon

Personal Decisions for Happiness - udemy course
Understand the way you make decisions, avoid some common decision making errors and increase your personal happiness.

Somebody can improve their life and their happiness by improving the way that they make decisions. This can be achieved through understanding the way you make decisions and identifying where they sometimes make incorrect choices.

It is about your happiness:

Do you know with absolute certainty what you require to be happy in your life? One time you know exactly what you require to be happy, you can align your decisions, and all other areas of your life, in order to accomplish happiness.

A practical, step by step method:

  1. Learn some decision making theory.
  2. Understand the issues facing decision makers.
  3. Better understand how your mind works.
  4. List and assess the choices in your decision.
  5. Assistance making your choice.
  6. Reviewing the choice that you have made.

A practical tool for life:

All the steps and lessons are implemented in a simple, decision making tool called "my decision assistant". Exercises will help you better understand the method and the tool can be used for your current as well as any future decisions you make in your life.

  1. Are you facing a hard choice right now?
  2. Do you feel that you could be happier?
  3. Do you get stuck assessing your options in a choice?
  4. Feel that you could make better choices?
  5. Are looking for a simple method to make choices in your life?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above:
Then this work WILL benefit you.

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