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Entrepreneurial Process
Learn about the levels of business strategy & how to take advantage of opportunities at each level.

This coursework will introduce you to the levels of business strategy & show you how to take advantage of opportunities at each level.

You will Generate an Overall Strategy For Your Business

We'll teach you a framework called The Cascade model that is broken up in to these levels of business strategy & made up of a series of simple business tools that you can use to grow your business. These levels are:

The Surroundings & it is driving forces. Driving Forces are those things that generate & damage opportunities in actual time that you have no control over.

  1. The Market which is where your competition, suppliers & customers live.
  2. The Organisation & the way you can become more efficient & effective.
  3. This framework has been used to coach business leaders in Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore & Vietnam for over 30 years, some of the things you'll learn (& be able to apply) are:
Generate a Sustainable Competitive Advantages Table that will help your organisation meet & exceed your industries critical success factors.
Pick whether your organisation ought to focus on cost or difference, & whether you ought to promote your product or generate a new version using The Lifecycle gizmo.

Learn how to offset your weaknesses along with your strengths & your threats with opportunities using a SWOT Analysis.
After finishing this coursework you will have the tools to manoeuvre your business (or opportunity) to it is next level of growth, & out-compete your competition!

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