The Minimalist - A better life with less stuff - udemy coupon

The Minimalist - A better life with less stuff - udemy
Getting to know your life purpose, living healthier and having more time for significant relationships and yourself.


"The modern minimalists" online work gives you an overview of a minimalist life. I'll show you the most important aspects of minimalism in this short 40min work.

You need a beginning point as well as a direction. That is what I'll give you.

You don't need a "How to receive a minimalist guide" or a ten hours work. In the finish you need to act to see results. I give you the theory and you need to put this theory in practice.

The whole online work is clear structured and it is vital to watch the lessons in order.

Course Overview:

  1. Speedy overview about minimalism
  2. Setting up your home the right way and get rid of unimportant stuff
  3. Changing your lifestyle
  4. Motivation

I am looking forward to welcome you.

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