Wordpress .com Vs Wordpress .org Explained - udemy course

WordPress is a great jogging a blog platform, but ought to you use a free WordPress account, or a self-hosted WordPress weblog?

This coursework compares and contrasts the differences between the free jogging a blog service offered by Wordpress and a self-hosted weblog jogging Wordpress scripts.

The coursework is suited to somebody who is interested in jogging a blog, and has heard of Wordpress, but is not clear whether or not they ought to sign up for a free account at Wordpress, or use the free scripts from Wordpress to self-host their own weblog.

The coursework covers plenty of differences between the scenarios, including...

\. the differences in the way you can monetise your weblog

\. the different amount of web-space and bandwidth provided

\. the different theme and plugin restrictions

\. the different domain and sub-domain options

\. the e mail differences

\. and far more!

At the finish of this coursework, students will be able to pick whether a free account at Wordpress or a self-hosted weblog jogging Wordpress scripts is the right choice for them.

note, this coursework does not look at the actual method of generating weblog posts and pages as this method is similar for users of both Wordpress and self-hosted blogs.

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