Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Training - udemy Premium course

Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Training - udemy course
A Complete Guide for Beginners to Professionals

Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Necessities will teach you how to make use of this powerful authoring device to generate immersive, interactive animations and multimedia content.

This work will help you master the basics of animation and gain confidence in your Flash CS6 skills. You'll explore the interface and multimedia tools, learn how to generate robust and compelling interactive experiences, and discover how to publish your content.

Specific lessons in this Flash Professional CS6 Necessities series include: working with symbols and the drawing and shape tools, importing and editing graphics, generating text, adding controls to video using ActionScript, using Adobe Media Encoder and code snippets, and exporting your Flash documents.

By the time you have done Total Training for Adobe Flash CS6 Professional: Necessities, you will have the knowledge and tools to confidently use Flash CS6 to generate your own rich media content and publish it. You will even be prepared to take the ACA Rich Media Communication examination.

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