Android App for wordpress website or any website in 5 minutes - udemy coupon

Android App for wordpress website or any website in 5 minutes - udemy coupon
Create an android app for your web-site step by step in five minutes with out paying for any thing or for any.

I have no idea how to program, code or generate apps. Is this coursework for me?

Absolutely.I'm not a programmer myself. I build sites for a living & i was looking for the simplest & quickest way to turn my WordPress sites in to actual downloadable apps.

In case you have a web-site - you can have a WebView app within a couple of minutes.

Android App for WordPress web-site or any web-site in 5 minutes- the way it work?

In side the coursework you will get my project file for android studio with a webview property import in to your android studio & edit your web-site name that is it your android has prepared - in side the coursework you will find step by step process to make it happen.

What is a WebView app?

A WebView app is a native app which someone can download from the app stores & install on their devices.

Will i must update my web-site in two places?

No :-)

The WebView app you will generate, acts like a mirror- it takes your web-site as-is & shows it in the app window.

Why generating an app for my web-site?

You know there's thousands of web-sites out there for any niche you can think of. So having an app for your web-site will help you boost the things follows.

  1. Stand out from the competitors
  2. Will help to improve your user engagement
  3. Build brand & recognition.
  4. Generate direct promotion channel.
  5. You will be visible to your users on a regular basis.

Are there any hidden fees?

You will must register as an Android developer. Someone who desires to publish apps in Google Play Store must register as a developer. The process is simple & it costs a one-time fee of 25$.

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