Business Forecasting with Google Sheets - udemy coupon code

Business Forecasting with Google Sheets - udemy coupon code
Increase your income & career prospects with business forecasting skills

In this Business Forecasting with Google Sheets video coursework, I introduce you to Google's online spreadsheet application, Sheets & how to make use of it for forecasting.

Learn to forecast the future together with your business information

Why forecast?
Smoothing noisy information
Analyzing for trendlines
Transforming information
Forecasting future values

A powerful skill to increase your value & earnings.

Millions of people use spreadsheets today, usually at the the office as a information entry form. Only a few actually build spreadsheets unless that is their job. The dominant spreadsheet, Excel is often bought by students but never used, & most working adults only have access to it at work.

Until now. Google's online spreadsheet "Sheets" has become a powerful tool through speedy iteration. While still not as powerful as Excel it does have a considerable number of useful, distinctive features. But most impotrtant. it is free to make use of. You can build spreadsheets at home, while on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer while travelling, indeed anywhere with net access.

This coursework focuses on using Google Sheets to do of the most important business functions - forecasting.

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