Business Strategy: Double Business Performance With OODA

udemy - Business Strategy: Double Business Performance With OODA
Business Strategy: The most powerful strategy for your business is the Observe - Orient - Choose - Act (OODA) loop

Would you like to take your business to the next level but are not sure how? Are competitors in your business constantly giving you issues and you wish you had some kind of edge to help your business win? Do you ever feel like your business keeps making mistakes, but you don't understand why it keeps happening? Is your business doing well, but somehow it's become stagnant and you need to increase growth? In the event you answered yes to any of these questions, then this work is for you.

The Observe - Orient - Choose - Act (OODA) loop is a theory that describes how human beings interact with the world around them. And since businesses are groups of human beings, businesses exhibit the same type of interaction in their market space environments. By learning how the OODA loop works, a business can become supremely self aware of the way it interacts with its customers, competitors, and collaborators, allowing it to identify ways to improve. The OODA loop theory also serves to help businesses identify their competitors strengths and weaknesses, giving the chance to know which areas are ripe for growth in the marketplace.

The work will give you an wonderful understanding of the OODA loop, putting the final strategic capability in your hands. This capability gives you actionable steps on how to improve your business, and also how to defeat your competitors.

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