Chess Parents: Is Your Child A Chess Prodigy? - udemy 2$ coupon

Chess Parents: Is Your Child A Chess Prodigy? - udemy coupon
Introducing your kid to chess is beneficial to their schooling & future growth.

It's been around for hundreds of years & lots of have tried to master opening; middle game strategies & win championship titles.

However, while chess is still a game, it can be much over that for your kid.

Chess has great educational benefits. It can help your kid with math; dimensions; strategy & problem-solving. Lots of times, kids who play chess also do well in the classroom.

In this coursework, we'll examine:

  1. The Benefits of Playing Chess.
  2. How to Introduce Chess to Your Kid.
  3. Participating in Local Chess Clubs & Chess Tournaments.
  4. Playing in Scholastic Tournaments.
  5. Playing Chess with Grandparents & Older Adults.
  6. Chess as a Young Adult & Beyond.
  7. Chess Scholarship Opportunities...and much more.

Chess is a fun game, but the rewards of playing chess are great for parents & for kids!

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