Create Custom Windows Image & Automate the Installation - udemy coupon

Create Custom Windows Image & Automate the Installation - udemy coupon
Create a master Windows picture that includes your SW, languages, files, & automate installing it (very zero touch)

Is not it boring to do the most boring task, day after day, machine by machine, taking up an hour or more from your time to make device prepared to be used?

Formatting PCs "or installing Windows" was (& still) of the most frustrating tasks that any helpdesk engineer or PC maintenance shop need to do, what I came up with this work is a cold, simple, & a professional way to make your Windows installation experience as never been before.

This work is a combination of plenty of features & tools that are combined together, to make a master custom Windows picture, that works on all desktops & notebooks you have.

They will generate a virtual Windows machine (Windows 7 or 8.1) using either Hyper-V or VirtualBox, whatever is convenient for you, then they will alter the picture as they would like, add files to it, install updates, applications, & whatever modifications they would like, after that they will capture that Windows machine to extract a WIM file with all these modifications.

Next, they will see how they can add this extracted file to our original Windows picture, & at last, they will use an XML file that they can generate, to automate installing Windows without user interaction.

Feel like this is advanced technical work? Don't! They will describe every single step, no rocket science in this work, guaranteed, you will notice how to do each step in a very simple & straight forward way.

Why you are still reading here? Don't you need to save hours doing the boring task, installing Windows, take this work, & let's start!

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