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udemy course - Get a Free landline. Fire your phone company. Life hacks 1
A step by step guide so you can connect your phone to the Web and get full featured phone service for $0 per month.

Hello everyone! Thanks a lot for taking a glance at my coursework. I am delighted to have you here.

All of us need to economize, or spend our funds wisely. But there's some necessities that are excessively expensive, and they are stuck paying for them.

That is why I created Fire your phone company, an online coursework to walk you through the simple steps I took to replace my plain elderly phone with a full featured web phone.

Forget the traditional costs of a standard land line With the giant every month fees, the year contracts, the taxes and more taxes, the fees for listing knowledge, and the expensive per minute charges for the actual calls. And dealing with the phone company is so complicated. Nice luck understanding all of your options.

The phone company has modernized and makes use of web telephony technologies to deliver your service, and you can . But the charges have barely dropped, when they ought to have. They use tricks like contracts and bundles to keep you stuck.

This coursework is the solution for somebody with high speed web. That is most of us.

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