High-Frequency Trading #2: Market Structure & Instruments - udemy coupon

High-Frequency Trading #2: Market Structure & Instruments - udemy coupon
High-Frequency Trading. Part two. Market Structure, instruments and infrastructure. (Foreign exchange & Stocks)

Welcome to the High Frequency Trading course part two: Structure, Instruments and Infrastructure.

The series of courses on High Frequency Trading is intended for those people, who have an interest in everything about financial markets and trading. After going through these courses you will know all the intricacies of High Frequency Trading: conceptions, strategies, technologies; you will destroy plenty of myths and misconceptions about HFT and will discover a crystal clear understanding of how all the things work in point of fact. But that doesn't mean that it is necessary for you to start from the first work, all of them are independent, so you can start with this one

From this Part2 you will learn about market structure change in the work of the last few years, best trading assets for HFT, and infrastructure requirements of today's markets.

In the work of this second part of work series they will speak about:

- dramatic changes of market structure in the work of the last few years, and how this affected the strategies of traders;

- they will look at all the features, advantages and disadvantages of these new market entrants, such as ECN and Dark Pool, which are absorbing the huge majority of HFT traders;

- they will discover which trading assets are best suited for HFT;

- they will look on modern infrastructure requirements of today's markets: microseconds do count...

The ideal student for this work is a beginner or already experienced trader, who already knows basic ideas of financial markets and trading and would like to widen his or her knowledge in such a popular, but widely misunderstood sphere, as High Frequency Trading.

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