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udemy - Increase Productivity - Simple and Effective methods
Use these proven productivity methods and seldom be busy again.

This work will teach you methods and habits to increase your productivity and give you up to three hours in a day to do what you love, be it spending time with friends, relatives or hobbies.

Are you finding yourself not having time in a day?

Regrettably, most people don't even have time to do what they are necessary to do. So how are they expected to do what they love?

In this work I will teach you the methods I have used to let me study computer science full time, teach programming full time (this is what I love to do), start my own web development business and still have time for friends, relatives and hobbies.

The thing is that it isn't hard to do this, most people aren't aware of the simple methods and habits necessary to manage your time so effectively. They are so simple you will be kicking yourself for not learning them sooner.

This work takes a no nonsense approach. I am not going to be teaching you stuff that doesn't work, only things that are widely known for being the best ways to increase productivity.

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