Install A New WordPress Site or Blog - for Just $5 Dollars

Install A New WordPress Site or Blog - for Just $5 Dollars

Would You Like Me To Personally Help You Install A New WordPress Site (Or Blog) In 48 Hours Or Less… For Just $5 Dollars?

Do you need help with the technical stuff of setting up your personal blog or professional website for your business?

Can I personally help you install a new self-hosted WordPress platform in 48 hours (or less) for just $5 dollars?

My name is Kevin Tan. I’m a passionate WordPress designer and developer. For the past 5 years, I’ve built and crafted more than 300+ WordPress websites for my clients – entrepreneurs, authors, marketers, bloggers, and small business owners in different countries and continents.

So why am I offering this so cheap to you? Is there a catch?

No. There’s no catch. The reason why I’m doing this at such low price for you is because…

First, I enjoy creating WordPress sites and blogs. It’s my passion.

Second, if you’re satisfied with my service, chances are you might hire me to do more WordPress stuff for you later on, right?

Get my Service with 5$

Service Detail with 5$ : Get your WordPress Theme Installed