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How To Turn Your Awesome App Idea In to A Fully Functioning Prototype (No Coding necessary)

Do You Have An Awesome Mobile App Idea Spinning Around In Your Head?

But Have NO IDEA How To Code/Program An App?

Then This Coursework Is For You!

I mean I get it:

You require to be able to generate an wonderful mobile app that you can truly be proud of and share with friends or feasible future investors, but you freak out everytime you see a line of complex code.

I was like you until I found a way around the boring and kinda scary process of coding a complete app from scratch. I began to make use of Photoshop and a few online prototyping tools and within a few hours time had most of the app designed that was originally only an idea.

This coursework was created so you can also have the exact same skillset and toolbox so to speak that will enable you to design your dream app..because it is not much use if it is in your head right?

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