MS-PowerPoint 2016 ( 365 ) A to Z ! Record Full HD videos - udemy coupon 50% Off

MS-PowerPoint 2016 ( 365 ) A to Z ! Record Full HD videos - udemy coupon
In four hours you will master PowerPoint 2016 & become prepared to generate FHD videos for your online courses !

This is where it is possible for you to to generate high quality presentations & videos for your online courses or any kind of presentations that you might use in your job, university & interviews.

You don't require over four hours work to learn every single button & tips n tricks about Power Point 2016 .

I will report to you what methods , hardware & application you require to generate your videos by recording high quality slides & convert it in to videos together with your own voice & picture!

You will be introduced to computer hardware that provide higher quality of recording, and application that they use in order to make voice clear.

You will notice some ways in order to promote your video / work after publishing it, lots of options to teach you how to record your video & voice.

The work report everything A to Z , beginner to advanced ! & you will learn how to generate :

- Slides , videos
- Designs , shapes
- Charts , objects
- Effects & animations
- Merge video & audio together
- Split videos in to small parts
& probably about twenty to 30 more options !

This small platform will let you share presentation online with others !

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