Nutrition Hacks for Entrepreneurs - Get Healthy and Fit - udemy course

Nutrition Hacks for Entrepreneurs - Get Healthy and Fit - udemy course
Learn How to Increase Your Energy & Health to Be More Productive In Your Business with Simple Rules

This coursework provides simple rules for entrepreneurs can follow that will help drastically improve your energy level, help you lose weight & improve your long term health: cease eating gluten & refined sugar.

Why this is a great hack for entrepreneurs like you is the rules are simple to learn, don't require additional time, additional attention in food choices & they provide you increased energy levels in a comparatively short time. They also take strong will & determination, something you as an entrepreneur are very accustomed to.

Jasper & Ian both follow these rules in their own lives. Jasper lost pounds in the first month & Ian lost over 35 pounds in nine months, both without exercising & both have much higher, more consistent energy levels than they did before

These rules are straightforward, but the coursework clearly delineates specific foods you ought to be focusing on & provides sample meals as well as clear descriptions of foods you ought to keep away from

Although the rules are simple to understand, they are significant changes & take discipline, work as well as a shift in mindset. This coursework gives you a set of pragmatic tactics to follow to make these changes in your life effectively & permanently.

Finally the coursework provides a quantity of the science behind why these rules work

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