Periscope - The One Button Solution To Get Your Message Seen - udemy course

Periscope - The One Button Solution To Get Your Message Seen - udemy course
Conquering Periscope in one hour or less to effectively market your message, grow your brand and increase your influence.

This work gives a jogging start for anyone looking to capitalize on the Periscope phenomenon. With over ten Million users, Periscope is a device every serious marketer ought to be using.

In this work, The Button Solution To Get Your Message Seen, Communications Veteran Jeff Whitaker strips away the fluff of this app and cuts to the chase. Through a 12 part video presentation, Jeff lays out an simple to follow, step by step guide to installing Periscope, setting up a profile, finding your way around the app and using this device to start broadcasting live in no time. They also provides supplemental exercises and summary sheets to guide you through the method of personalizing your Periscope experience.

You will Learn -

  1. How to put in the Periscope App
  2. Setting up a personal profile
  3. Understanding each function on the App
  4. How to follow other people on Periscope
  5. How to attract your own followers
  6. Step by Step guide to setting up your own LIVE broadcast
  7. The kinds and styles of broadcasts you can do on Periscope
  8. How to find material to make use of to grow your business and influence online
  9. Tools and techniques to have your Periscope stand out from others
  10. as well as a lot more.

Less Than ONE Hour

Inside of hour, you will be on-air broadcasting to the world through your smartphone. With the Periscope App, which is free, you'll basically connect with potential customers as well as current clients.

This coursework will teach you how to make use of Periscope to:

Build a following online.
Stay connected with current clients and customers.
Increase credibility in your area of expertise.

Take this work and be up and jogging communicating with the world in less than an hour.

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