Personal Branding Blueprint - udemy coupon

Personal Branding Blueprint - udemy coupon
29 Personal Branding Hacks - Acquire Specialised Knowledge, Build Online/Offline Assets & Become An Authority Figure

Personal Branding is a buzzword, but what does it mean exactly? What have the so-called "Experts" & "Specialists" accomplish to merit that status? How can someone hack their way through branding in order to be perceived as an authority figure in their field?

I created this work to answer all those questions and to offer you an elaborate & step-by-step blueprint of how to accomplish Personal Branding greatness.

I am Dragos Stefanescu - a Top Udemy Instructor with ten successful courses, ten,000 students and 360+ Star Reviews - and I am looking forward to teaching you this work.

My work topics are varied: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Excel & PowerPoint, Employability & Productivity..

By now you are probably thinking that I am a Social Media, Udemy & Microsoft Office specialist but it wasn't always this way. Over the past 8 months I could engineer my authority by

A) quickly accumulating critical specialized knowledge in these fields and

B) hacking the process to be perceived by outsiders as a greater knowledge specialist than industry veterans with ten to twenty years of experience.

That in words is Personal Branding.

Can someone establish him/herself as an authority in their respective domain? Yes. And the blueprint for that is in this work.

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