Project Management Hacking: 5 Steps to achieving your goals - udemy course coupon

Project Management Hacking: 5 Steps to achieving your goals - udemy course coupon
Learn the proven project management plan that got us 10+ written, funded & implemented projects.

It is a new economy, the possibilities are limitless, it is the best moment in the history when you can become an entrepreneur & turn your ideeas to life. Moreover they can get even great business & profits out of doing so & also they can get funded for generating projects & implement ideas that impact the community, the enviroment or transform lives.

When it comes to which project are successfull & what ideas get funded it all comes down to lovely project management.

You can easly get your project to stand out in front of investors, banks, institutions or feasible partners in case you get it planned right. But the most important fact is that this is also the key to get your project funded.

Why do you think there's people that incredible & incredible ideas that don't get funded & implemented & other individuals who have ideas that perhaps won't lead to the same impact in to society but get money for implementing them?

The answer it is putting together a lovely plan realized by using proven project management startegies. This is the secret & crucial factor of transforming your idea in to a project that gets funded & implemented.

Knowing how to define your project, write your objectives, identify issues, manage human resources & risk, implementing everything & evaluating the results are all phases that you require to think about & that will get your project successfull.

In case you require to know the key elements that they have looked for when writing & geting multiple projects funded in the EU by public institutions & companies than this is the right coursework for you.

So in this coursework you will learn:

  1. What to include in your plan for your next project.
  2. How to define your project so you are setup for success.
  3. Which are the phases in the lifecycle of a project.
  4. How to make use of a SWOT Analysis for your project.
  5. How to define your objectives for the project.
  6. How to make use of the Gantt Diagram for organizing & planning.
  7. What to think about when writing a budget.
  8. How to make use of Brainstorming for locating better solutions.
  9. Different key approaches of risk management.
  10. What to keep away from so that your team has success.
  11. How to implement your project by puting everything planned in practice.
  12. How to monitor & evaluate your project.
  13. & far more...

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