Resume/CV, Cover Letters: 9 Steps to a Better Job - udemy course

Resume/CV, Cover Letters: 9 Steps to a Better Job - udemy course
Write Effective, Professional Resumes, CVs, Cover Letters & Job Application Forms to Get the Job You Require

Your resume or CV is of the most important documents you'll ever generate - your future career & income depend on it! & to some extent your happiness - after all you spend a third of your life working & that is long in case you are not in a job you love.

Yet only a few people know how to construct an effective job application, whether it is writing a resume & cover letter or finishing an application form. Are you prepared to leave it to chance?

In this work, you'll discover how to generate an very professional & targeted resume for any job. Follow the 9 simple steps & you'll be writing a great resume & cover letter in no time. And you'll learn how to show to an employer that you can do the job - you'll know how to make yourself stand out & make the employer sit up & take notice.

You'll generate several files to keep all of your knowledge in place for simple access & updating. I'll report the importance of keywords & how to find the right ones for any job or career you are interested in

You'll learn how to generate a generic resume for jobfairs & jobsites & you'll understand exactly how to alter it, transforming it in to a highly targeted document for each specific job, highlighting exactly what the employer is looking for.

Use my template & example to construct a high-quality cover letter. & you'll get simple to make use of templates for your resume .

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