The Ultimate How To Self-Publish Like A Pro Course - udemy coupon code

The Ultimate How To Self-Publish Like A Pro Course - udemy coupon
Step-by-Step Visual Guide to Publishing Your Book & Building an Authors Platform

This is the Final How To Self-Publish Like A Pro Coursework. It includes distinct courses, each designed to help you publish & launch your book for maximum impact.

In this Final How To Self-Publish Like A Pro Coursework you will follow the instructor step-by-step through the self-publishing method from start to finish. You'll also learn how to generate a Kindle ebook & how to connect your Kindle ebook to your physical book on Amazon.

In addition to this you'll receive my Author's Platform Building coursework that will show you how to build an author's platform to launch your book & you'll receive a bonus module that will give you a strategy for launching your book to increase you chances of landing on a bestsellers list.

Finally you'll receive my other social media mini courses. How to reach more people on Facebook organically with my Facebook organic reach coursework. & learn to grow a powerful Twitter platform & increase your influence online with my powerful Twitter Impact Strategy coursework.

This whole coursework is broken down in to about 30 modules between five to 15 minutes in length each & is packed rich with practical content to get your book published & to turn you in to an influential author.

If you have ever dreamed of being a published author, this coursework is absolutely for you.

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