Unconventional Homeschooling - udemy coupon

Unconventional Homeschooling - udemy course
How to make use of your kid's gifts, interest, learning style and life events to enhance their overall development.

Every year parents choose whether or not to homeschool. like traditional school, homeschooling does have a format and policies that parents must adhere to. Have you ever thought, could I be missing out on developing my kid naturally?

Are you able to be led by your children and be successful at homeschooling?

Are you able to go against the norm when homeschooling and raise a well-rounded person with life skills?

When our twins were babies, I started tuning in to their personalities, behavior and how they learned. Dr. Taffy Wagner shares an unconventional approach to homeschooling and preparing your student to be an adult.

Prepare to have fun and implement some new strategies when homeschooling your child(ren).

In this coursework you will learn the worth of:

  1. Recognizing your child(rens) interest and using it in the coursework of class time.
  2. Determining what their natural gifts are and incorporating those gifts in to your overall school year
  3. Knowing your child(rens) learning style
  4. Locating activities within your local area that an enhance their learning.
  5. Every day, life in itself presents lots of learning opportunities.
This coursework is comprised of videos, audio, downloadable documents and activities to help you provide your student with the chance to be a well-rounded student. This coursework will be of great value if you have been desirous to shake things up and do things differently from the traditional homeschool setting. This coursework will get your creative juices flowing and your students will thank you for it.

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