UnDoing Depression - Take Action and Feel Better - udemy course

UnDoing Depression - Take Action and Feel Better - udemy course
Take Action & Feel Better using Cognitive Behavioral Principles Designed to Reclaim Your Life

Depression is of the most difficult experiences in life, yet it is of the most common of psychological complaints. Irrespective of what causes it for a specific person (& there's usually multiple risk factors involved), depression will affect all aspects of a person's experience: their emotional state, their behavior, their thoughts, & their physical functioning. Regrettably, changes in each of these areas tend to magnify changes in the others, making a spiral of signs.

Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) works to disrupt these spirals by focusing on elements within the person's control - in particular, the behavior & thoughts (not surprisingly, given the name!). This coursework presents an understanding of depression, then advocates an emphasis on action to start the cycle moving in the upward direction.

Most people, in the coursework of depression, require to feel better. One time that happens, they reason, their motivation will return & then they can start reclaiming their lives. Regrettably, this leaves them in an existence in which the depressed state is maintained. In CBT they reverse the plan: Take action, then get motivated, then feel better.

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