WordPress Plugins: Deep dive discovery - udemy coupon

WordPress Plugins: Deep dive discovery - udemy coupon
Develop your own powerful WordPress Plugins! Discover the simple to follow 5P step-by-step method for WP plugin creation!

Developing WordPress plugins is hard and you will get CONFUSED and LOST

You may THINK that is true - and this is exactly what I thought

But - you know what I found?

Developing your own WordPress Plugins is EMPOWERING. Using plugins you can now bend the WordPress platform under YOUR command!

When I first started looking in to what plugins are obtainable I was disappointed

I STRUGGLED with finding usable plugins.

Plenty of of them don't work and those that DO work often don't deliver to the exact demands me or my CUSTOMERS have

Then it got worse

I spent a LOT of hard work and time trying to hack my way through the WordPress codex

WAY much time!

Finally I have discovered simple STEP by STEP methods to generate a highly USABLE plugin - methods that you can use in YOUR OWN projects or even put on the market!

I will be your tour-guide throughout this FUN adventure - I will WALK with you through the methods that I use to build fully integrated WordPress Plugins!

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