WordPress Security : Comprehensive, but Easy - udemy coupon 90% Off

WordPress Security : Comprehensive & Easy - udemy coupon
WordPress security doesn't must be confusing. Discover how to properly secure & protect your WordPress net site...

There is a common misconception that viruses & malware are distributed by porn sites, betting sites, or other sites of a doubtful nature. But nothing could be further from the truth. It is small businesses, the personal blogger, the hobbyist. Fundamentally, the sites you least expect to be spreading malware, & they are also the sites that least expect to get hacked - & usually the ones that are the least prepared for it when it actually happens.

30,000 Web Sites Are Hacked EVERY Day...
...and most website owners don't even know their site is one of them

It is a Numbers Game

WordPress is a great platform on which to build a website, & it is estimated that it now powers around 25% of all net sites - & that makes it a target for hackers.

With a standard platform for the hackers to target they can try & infect tens of thousands of sites, & there is an excellent chance they will break in to a significant percentage of them. For them it is a numbers game. It is nothing personal against you.

You Probably Don't Even Know That Your Site Is ALREADY Infected!

Most of us have seen sites that have been defaced. The reality is that these are NOT the norm, because most people putting malware on your site DON'T require you to know it is there. Unlike the script kiddies who deface your site to show off to their friends, the REAL bad guys require to get as much use out of your site as they can, & are hoping to stay on it for as long as feasible.

Chances are, unknown to you, your website could be being used for...

  1. Phishing exploits, stealing sensitive knowledge from unsuspecting members of the public
  2. Pharma hacks, marketing viagra, and who knows what else!
  3. Hosting kid porn, or anything else
  4. Spreading more malware or viruses to other sites
  5. Stealing personal credit card details or other knowledge from your customers - the individuals who have put their trust in you

Before you know it your site is blacklisted by Google, and they are warning people not to visit your site because 'This site may harm your computer'. People cease visiting your site, customers find other (safer) places to meet their needs, and your business nosedives. Everything you worked so hard to build up could be lost virtually overnight and your reputation left in tatters.

Opening up your website and realising that somebody else has broken in and used you, and your site, for their own ends leaves a sickening feeling in your stomach. It is a feeling of fear, dread, panic, and of being violated...

But It DOESN'T have To Be This Way! There Is A Solution...

...and the steps you require to take to keep away from all of this DON'T require you to be a computer professional or a WordPress security guru. In the event you could get your WordPress site off the ground then you definitely have all the skills necessary to put in place everything recommended in this work, and in the event you are in any doubt then I make it simple for you, taking you step by step through exactly what you require to do to make YOUR site as hackerproof as feasible.
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