Applying Chance & Risk to Life & Business - Decision Making Under Uncertainty - udemy course

Applying Chance & Risk to Life & Business - Decision Making Under Uncertainty - udemy
Learn the basic ideas & tools to help you make better decisions under uncertainty, take calculated risks, & reduce the stress & regrets that often come with decision making.

Use probabilistic thinking to increase your chance of success & manage risks.

The laws of probability that govern our life
Biases & fallacies that often distort our decision making
Making decisions under uncertainty
Taking calculated risks in life & business
Reducing stress in decision making
Reducing regrets about past decisions
Improve your actual life decision making & reduce stress & regrets

Every day, they must make decisions but they are often uncertain of what to do because of the risks & uncertainties involved. Plenty of of us often regret decisions both large & small, but there's actually plenty of ways they can improve our decision-making & risk management, & reduce the stress & regrets about decisions.

Course Content & Overview:

In this coursework, our objective is to better understand randomness & uncertainty & learn tools to help us make more educated risks. We'll discuss the different biases all of us experience in our intuitive thinking, & then learn how to re-train our brains to approach everyday issues differently.

Using probability theory & a tiny bit of math, we'll discuss how to make decisions rationally & effectively. But don't worry - no math background other than being able to add, subtract, divide, & multiply is necessary! We'll learn how to make better financial decisions, take smarter risks, & improve every aspect of our lives. Each video is short & concise but filled with fascinating & helpful material. Each is animated, to make definite they grasp the ideas , & all of them contain engaging, relatable real-life examples. Using these tools, someone can learn to improve their decision-making, which ends up in ultimately minimizing the number of regrets they have. If you'd like to live a more worry-free life with fewer regrets, this coursework is for you.

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