Backend / API Testing with Python - udemy coupon

Backend / API Testing with Python - udemy coupon - udemy course
Learn to to make use of Python to write automated backend / API tests, using actual working APIs.

Learn how to make use of Python to check the back-end of web services or APIs. They use industry standard actual eCommerce API to practice testing using Python programming language.

Critical addition to your resume

In case you are getting in to the QA world or you are looking to advance your career, having API testing skill will speed up your success. Python is of the most popular languages to make use of in program testing, and knowing how to make use of it for API/Backend testing will expand your pool of possibilities.

In addition to using Python for API/Backend testing, the tools they will use are great addition to your resume. They will be using industry standard tools that can be applied to several tasks beyond API testing.

After completion of this work it is possible for you to to go through interview as in case you have API testing experience. You will also have lots of APIs to check and practice.

Course Content and Overview

In this work they will spend some time generating an eCommerce application on our local machine. They will install a package that includes web server and database. Using this package they will install WordPress and install necessary plugins to make it an eCommerce application. The eCommerce application gives us all the APIs they will check.

They have access to the database so they will check API knowledge against the database. They will generate a effectively structured check framework and learn how to make use of Python to perform our verification.

They will also learn how to make use of a Python check runner gizmo "pytest" see why check runner tools are critical for automation testing.

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