Communication for project managers and PMP candidates - udemy $9 coupon

Communication for project managers and PMP candidates - udemy
Simple and powerful guide on successful project communication. PMBOK v5 compliant.

Half of unsuccessful projects fail due to ineffective communication. How to prevent your project from falling in to this shameful statistic?

Learn best practices of project communication management and make a positive change in your career.

Identify communication requirements
Discover best technologies
Select proper methods
Build a great plan
Manage day to day communications
Control effectiveness of project communications

Professional methods and tools at your fingerprint!

Communications management is not a secret knowledge restricted to project management specialists. You can learn it by yourself and make a use of it in practice.

This work will give you a deep understanding of the communications management aspect of projects. You will learn how to plan in advance the project communications, and how to apply best tools and methods to manage communications effectively throughout the project.

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