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Control Your Words To Control Your Manifestation Using Power Of Words & Relaxation Techniques

In this work titled 'Control Your Words To Control Your Manifestation.' By Pradeep Aggarwal you will learn -

How words are powerful & generate a deep impact on our mind & manifestation. In this video work, you will learn how words control our manifestation & why they ought to be cautious about the words they use. In the event you require to manifest your desires in your life, you require to keep an eye on the words that you use.

You will learn a amazing exercise which will demonstrate the power of words to you. Learn how positive words ignite positiveness whereas positive words generate negative impact on our mind & ultimately our manifestation.

You will learn the three different types of negative speaking words that takes away your positive energy & bring you down. & how they can be reversed using positive speaking words.

This work is ideal for individuals who speak negatively & low energy words which affect their growth & success. Individuals who require to accomplish more success & attract more positiveness in their life ought to take this work to become more successful.

This work is in English & contains over 8 live recorded lectures & bonus e-book on affirmations.

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