Decision Making: Solve Problems with Emotional Intelligence - udemy course 100% off

Decision Making: Solve Problems with Emotional Intelligence - udemy course
Learn to solve issues & make decisions objectively managing emotions & using creativity & intuition

How effective are you at processing information from your surroundings & using emotion to drive your decision making?

How rational & objective are you in solving issues?

From the decision to rise in the morning to the decision go to bed at night, you are constantly solving issues & making decisions. Throughout each day you are confronted with a variety of issues & decisions that need a rational, thoughtful response underpinned with lovely emotional awareness.

This coursework is about proactively working towards solutions that help you to make timely decisions as you solve work issues to bring value to your company & your customers. In addition, the skills, processes & tools taught in this coursework can bring value to other aspects of your life.

Lovely decision making means that you can grasp issues & mindfully devise effective solutions. It means that you can deal realistically with situations as they arise & manage emotions & impulses that may disrupt effective decision making.

Both creativity & mindfulness form a basic part of solving issues along with intuition. Intuition is a call making system that is often overlooked in business. Applied in a mindful way, & used well, it can add richness & speed to developing realistic solutions to issues.

This coursework is a standalone coursework for somebody interested in understanding how to solve issues & make lovely quality decisions more effectively. It forms part of a comprehensive coursework that explores emotional intelligence in more depth.

The coursework covers the ways to stimulate creativity & looks in detail at the fashionable business method of mindfulness. Within this work, mindfulness is applied to decision making.

You'll get all the knowledge that you need & will be coached using lots of practical hints that you can use straight away.

The work is made up of a series of lectures & contains a comprehensive workbook. There's a series of interactive exercises that involve some activity with other people & some reflection.

The work material makes up a to day workshop so is equivalent to 8 -12 hour's training. It forms part of our advanced emotional intelligence work endorsed by the Institute of Leadership & Management.

note that all programmes are continually refined & updated to make definite they stay current & relevant.

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