Excel VBA: Programming Excel VBA for Beginners - udemy course coupon

Excel VBA: Programming Excel VBA for Beginners - udemy course
Imagine reducing your Excel tasks to a button click, or keystrokes. You can, with Excel VBA.

As you know, Microsoft Excel is a great application that you can use to analyze your information.

Even with all of Excel's great features, & built-in tools, you might find yourself doing repetitive tasks, that take longer than they ought to.

Or the day will come when you say, "Oh, I wish there were a better way to do this!"

The nice news is that Excel, & other Microsoft Office applications, comes with Visual Basic for Applications, also called VBA, a programming language that will extend the functionality of your Office applications.

I do know that learning to program can appear daunting at first, but I will make it as simple as feasible.

With that said, VBA is a giant topic, & yes, there's lots of lectures in this coursework.

But don't try to take it in all without delay.

In case you feel like you can do one section a week, do one section a week.

In case you have time, do one section a day.

But don't stress out.

& because VBA is a giant topic, I don't go through every single thing, every method, every property, every shortcut.

What I do go over will get you from, "I don't even like taking a look at VBA", to, "I can do this!"

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