Flexible Dieting Mastery: Lose Weight Eating Food You Love - udemy coupon

Flexible Dieting Mastery: Lose Weight Eating Food You Love - udemy coupon
Learn the diet techniques used by a pro fitness model to lose weight without feeling guilty or deprived. No gimmicks!

Flexible Dieting ( aka "IIFYM") lets you accomplish your weight loss goals while still enjoying all of your favourite foods ( and life!). No food is off limits as long as you stay within your matchless calorie and nutritional parameters. No gimmicks, no fads, no magic pills or powders. actual science and actual results!

Typical diets are tremendous restrictive, low calorie and leave you feeling hungry, deprived, and cranky!

Then what happens when you cannot stick to the plan?

You give up, and gain the weight back and then some.

It is time to break the dieting cycle one time and for all!

Flexible Dieting Mastery walks you through the process of generating your own personalized nutrition plan that fits your goals and busy lifestyle, THEN shows you how to fine-tune your plan no matter what life throws at you ( and naturally how to incorporate your favourite treats on a every week, even every day basis).

On successful completion of this work you'll be able to:

  1. Generate your own personalized nutrition and every week meals plan
  2. Fine-tune your plan to include your favourite treats
  3. Continue to meet your goals when dining out, at parties, or while travelling
  4. Navigate the grocery store like a PRO
  5. Plan your every week meals to set yourself up for success
  6. Select whether a new diet craze is healthy or BOGUS!
  7. Report the difference between IIFYM and other "traditional" diets
  8. Understand the important functions of the macronutrients in the human body
  9. Identify common "sneaky diet saboteurs"

Sign up and experience the most comprehensive flexible dieting work on the net!

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