How to Sell Your Film And Make A Living As A Filmmaker - udemy $5 coupon

How to Sell Your Film And Make A Living As A Filmmaker - udemy course
Become an professional on the tricky world of independent film sales. Learn from the 12 of the world's top authorities.

Now over ever the chance to become a full-time filmmaker is within reach for those who are willing to take a few risks. The key to building a career in show business is the ability to consistently get projects funded & then make funds back for your investors. In this coursework, an abridged version of the Indie Film Academy's November Masterclass, they talk with ten specialists in film distribution about what you can do to make definite your film sells.

Specialists In this coursework include:

  1. Jason Brubaker of Filmmaking Stuff
  2. Scott McMahon of Film Trooper
  3. Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle
  4. Mia Bruno of Seed & Spark
  5. Chris Holland of Film Festival Secrets
  6. Jon Reiss of Think Outside the Box Office
  7. Linda Nelson of Indie Rights
  8. Ron Newcomb of The Forge Studios
  9. Jerome Courshon of Secrets to Distribution
  10. Ben Yennie of The Guerrila Rep

Key Topics:

  1. How to make definite your film will sell before you make it.
  2. They key documents distributors need.
  3. What you need to do in post production to have all deliverables.
  4. What is the best choice for your film's launch.
  5. How to distribute your own film
  6. A simple hack to get thousands of fans quickly.
  7. How to get on Rotten Tomatoes.
  8. Why Netflix ought to be your last cease.

and many more.

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