HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing Course & Certification - udemy free course

HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing Course & Certification - udemy free course
This coursework will prepare you for the inbound certification examination, a free resource offered by HubSpot Academy.

So what is inbound promotion all about?

Well, inbound is a essential shift in the way they do business. In lieu of that elderly, interruption-based message where the marketer or salesperson had all the control, Inbound is about EMPOWERING potential customers.

In lieu of interrupting people with TV ads, they might generate videos that potential customers need to see. In lieu of buying display ads in print publications, they could generate a business weblog that people would look forward to reading. & in lieu of chilled calling, they generate useful content so that prospects can contact them when they need more knowledge.

Inbound Promotion is promotion focused on getting found by customers. It's customer-focused. It's helpful. Wouldn't you prefer to deal with a business that is focused on your needs in lieu of their own?

You have probably come across some of your favourite brands actively practicing inbound promotion. It's that problem-solving weblog post that shows up near the top of the search engine. It's the new solution that was discovered on LinkedIn or the product review that was found on Facebook.

Inbound is about being an element of the conversation.

Being an element of that conversation means sharing helpful, relevant content with the world. It's about drawing people in -- that's why it's called Inbound, after all.

& most of all, it's about generating promotion that people love.

In todays world, buyers have all the power. Think about the technique you went through the last time you made a purchase. Did you call up a salesperson, asking to buy? Or did you hop online & do some research? I would be willing to bet you did the latter.

It's time for you to support that buying technique. It's time for you to join in & empower your potential customers to make the right decisions for themselves. So how do you actually do inbound? Well, the best way to start is by understanding the Inbound Methodology.

Here are some statistics to think about:

Inbound Leads cost on average 60% less than 'outbound' leads (Search Engine Journal)

Companies that weblog generate 67% more leads per month than those who don't (Social Media B2B)

80% of business decision-makers prefer to get company knowledge in a series of articles versus in an commercial (Content Promotion Institute)

HubSpot Academy's free Inbound Certification Coursework consists of twelve lectures that span the stages of the Inbound Methodology. From optimizing your net site, to landing page anatomy, to honing your inbound sales skills, this free certification coursework covers the basics of what inbound promotion is all about.

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