Learn how to deploy Docker applications to production - udemy coupon code

Learn how to deploy Docker applications to production - udemy coupon code
Learn everything you require to put a Dockerized application in to production & then automate the deploy

Receive a jumpstart with how to make use of Docker in production.

The coursework is not a beginners guide to Docker, in lieu think of it as the next step after learning the basics. In particular, in this coursework you will learn how to put any application inside a container & then how to put that container in to production in a safe & reliable way. You will learn how to deploy containers by hand & also how to automate the deploy of your containers. At the finish of the coursework it is possible for you to to write automated deploy scripts for any docker application!

In the first section of this coursework they will introduce the application that they will work with in the coursework of the lectures. In the next section we will take a step back & discuss the different workflows they could use to get our containers in to production. The next section will show you how to deploy by hand. Finally we will automate the deploy method using Ansible.

Docker is taking the industry by storm, it is revolutionizing how application is being developed, tested & deployed to production. Now is a ideal time to learn about Docker.

The ideal student for this coursework is somebody in a application developer or devops role who desires to learn how to start using Docker in production. The coursework is also suited for QA automation roles who have an interest in using Docker to check their applications automatically. The ideal student will already have a basic understanding of what Docker is & the way it works, but you will be curious as to how to run Docker in production. The coursework is ideal in the event you require to get some practical Docker experience for your CV or in preparation for your next project. Perhaps you require to make use of Docker for a personal project, or perhaps your company is adopting Docker & you require to receive a head start, in these cases you will receive a lot out of this coursework.

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