Learn How to Talk To Your Teen About Alcohol - udemy coupon code

Learn How to Talk To Your Teen About Alcohol - udemy course coupon
A guide to effectively communicating together with your teen or college-aged kid about high risk drinking behavior.

Speaking to your children about alcohol can be a scary and intimidating task. So intimidating that plenty of parents often avoid it! The amount of teenagers and college students that engage in high risk drinking behavior (binge drinking) is 60%. This increases the potential to suffer serious negative consequences. Parents are their number source for trusted knowledge. This work brings the lessons learned from years of research and presents it in a practical way that parents can basically listen, learn and then apply.

Proof Based Approach to Speaking to Your Teenagers About Alcohol.

The transition from high school to college provides parents with an excellent time to discuss drinking with their son/daughter.

Research suggests that discussions prior to beginning college lead to lower drinking rates in the work of their first year of college.

Speaking together with your son/daughter lowers the risk that they will suffer negative consequences from drinking.

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